Email marketing

Sending newsletters: the right tools for your online marketing

A newsletter sending service to manage your e-mail marketing campaigns with maximum performance and simplicity
Effective, performing and integrated email marketing platform with your system, designed to send tailored messages to subscribers as and when you prefer
  • Automate all your communications, scheduling automatic sending based on user behavior on previous newsletters.
  • Grow your company: thanks to the API functions, the MailSenpai platform is able to communicate with any type of system or application

Free Trial of the Platform

Mailsenpai offers you the demo version of the platform for free * to allow you to discover all its advantages and features.
  • * Note: With the free trial you can send up to 15,000 emails at no cost.
  • Once this limit has been reached, the demonstration test is to be considered concluded.
  • It is also absolutely forbidden to send unwanted mail to users.
  • Should we detect sending emails with copy recipients or SPAM activity, the account will be immediately deactivated.

Unrivaled quality of service

An ad hoc email marketing platform for you, ideal for sending newsletters or for mailing marketing activities. Versatile, multifunctional and easy to use at an excellent quality/price ratio.
Strategic marketing
Strategic marketing
Segment your database and send differentiated content and offers to deliver targeted communications based on geographic location, interests and much more.
Reports And Statistics
Reports And Statistics
The analysis of the results is the fundamental point from which to start to evaluate the best strategies to be undertaken for the optimization of the same. Mailsenpai allows you to control openings and clicks from a complete and easy to use dashboard.
Data import
Data import
With the Mailsenpai application, you can manually import your contacts, individually or in bulk, by uploading a simple CSV file. Remember, however, that you can only use contacts who have given you consent to send promotional newsletters, otherwise you risk unpleasant inconveniences.
The opt-in and opt-out procedures are automatically notified both on the user side and on the administrator side. This option allows you to track your subscriptions and unsubscribes. Furthermore, notifications are fully customizable.
Template Design
Template Design
Write, delete ... and edit! We at Mailsenpai provide the indispensable tools to create newsletters. Or use the built-in templates to bring your creations to life.
With Mailsenpai you have the certainty of being followed by experienced staff in deliverability to ensure that the delivery rate of your communications in the inbox of your recipients is optimized. The success of a delivery is a strategic aspect for the success of your campaign!
Cleaning the lists
Cleaning the lists
With Mailsenpai you can create custom forms in HTML format to allow surfers of your website to subscribe to the newsletter service! Just copy and paste the relevant generated code on your site.
Form builder
Form builder
With Mailsenpai you can create customized forms in html format to allow surfers of your website to subscribe to the newsletter service! Just copy and paste the relevant generated code on your site.
Unleash your creativity

Mailsenpai, with its application, puts at your disposal all the useful tools to give shape to your creativity! Are you an expert with HTML? You can write, work and edit the html code thanks to the editor integrated into the newsletter software! Do you already have a template in html format that you would like to use? No problem! Just copy and paste the code to shape your communication

Create newsletters with the block editor!

If you are not a graphics expert, rely on the "drag & drop" function that allows you to quickly and easily compose your communication by dragging the blocks of text, images and buttons to the position you want! The newsletters created using the block editor are responsive and therefore they can be correctly displayed on screens of different sizes.

A powerful Email marketing software

Our application is a system that offers you numerous tools to better manage the sending of your newsletters. The software is developed by email marketing experts making it one of the most advanced on the market because it provides everything you need to create and forward professional emails.
  • Low costs
    Compared to other systems on the market, the service guarantees the sending of newsletters, invitations and notifications at significantly reduced costs.
  • Personalization
    Grow your company: thanks to the API functions, the MailSenpai platform is able to communicate with any type of system or application
  • Customizable email templates
    The E-mail marketing Newsletter application allows you to edit your templates according to your needs. Use or create templates that are compatible with the most popular mail servers (Outlook, Thunderbird, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc ...) in order to make the content of your mail readable to many
  • No Limits
    You will be able to create an indefinite number of contact lists and with the import function you can load your eventual lists from pre-existing files. The export function, on the other hand, will allow you to export lists and statistics for each email campaign.
  • Browser Compatibility
    The application is compatible with all major internet browsers: Chrome, Microsoft Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc ...
  • Autoresponders
    The application is equipped with automation features and predefined automatic responders connected to specific events.
  • HTML and textual email editor
    The content of your email is editable like a normal text document, with a WYSIWYG editor.
  • Compatible with all websites
    Powerful XML API interchange technology can be used to add and remove contacts to / from a list, retrieve and update contact details, check if a contact is in a list, and much more
  • "Split test" functionality
    Thanks to the split-test option you can understand which of your email campaigns perform best in relation to open rates and click-through.
    You can even run a split test on a small portion of your list and automatically send the best performing email to the rest of the list after a set amount of time!
    Unlike other email marketing software that only offers you A / B split testing functionality, with Mailsenpai you can test unlimited combinations in a single split test.
  • White Label
    The control panel can be customized with your logo.

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Our Plans

Elasticity is our watchword.
Choose the right and tailor-made plan for your company
  • Email sending volume 5k/day
  • Subscribers unlimited
  • Server shared
  • IP rotation Yes
  • Sender authentication Yes
  • Send speed < 1,000/hour
  • Newsletter software included
  • Template Builder No


Order now
  • Email sending volume 100k/day
  • Subscribers unlimited
  • Server dedicated
  • IP dedicated to rotation 9
  • Sender authentication Yes
  • Send speed ~25,000/hour
  • Newsletter software not included
  • Delivery assistance optional (€ 60)
  • Template Builder Included


Order now
  • Email sending volume unlimited
  • Subscribers unlimited
  • Server dedicated
  • Rotating dedicated IPs up to 64
  • Sender authentication Yes
  • Send speed ~100,000/hour
  • Newsletter software not included
  • Delivery assistance included
  • Professional Template Builder


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Some clarifications

  • Our shared servers are matched to a certain number of dedicated IP addresses to allow the sending of messages by applying IP rotation, which allows us to offer a high rate of email delivery.
  • The 1Gbit internet band guarantees a fast sending of your messages with a sending limit based on the time frame of 24 hours.
  • In order for the service to be activated, an e-mail address with a proprietary domain is required so that it can be used for sending messages (eg., etc ... ).
  • It is not allowed to use e-mail boxes with free domains (eg.,,, etc.) as for such domains it is not allowed modification of SPF records.
  • If you do not have a domain, you can purchase one through a domain service provider you prefer, in order to be able to associate it with the chosen SMTP package. Example of an Italian domain service provider:

  • Warning: MailSenpai's plans include the supply of the newsletter software only for the plans activated on a shared server.
    For plans that provide for the use of dedicated servers, the installation of the software is not included and can be optionally integrated at a cost of € 40 / month including VAT.
  • It should also be noted that each message corresponds to a single recipient.
The service cannot be used to send emails with carbon copy recipients (Cc and Bcc). Furthermore, it is absolutely forbidden to send unwanted mail to users. Should we encounter sending emails with copy recipients or SPAM activity, we reserve the right to suspend the service without any possibility of reimbursement of the cost of the service.

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